Day 4 : The Corrective Posture Day

Today's challenge will actually last all day, you're going to have to bring your attention back to your posture over and over again to ensure you are sitting in the right manner or standing in the right manner. Even activities like bending over, picking up heavy materials and lifting weights all have to be done in the correct posture to avoid muscle injury and chronic aches & pains. Simple activities like how you hold your phone, how you position your laptop & how you sit on your bed will also have to be looked into!

Having the correct posture plays a huge role in your overall health & will determine your quality of life for years to come so get it corrected now while you can!

We all tend to slouch, hunch or walk funny sometimes, correcting these things on a daily basis will help us get that form back. Today we focus only on that & hopefully that will set the tone for the days to follow, at least it will help you to remember those few corrective postures every now and again.

Here are some of my favourite diagrams that are a great guide for corrective postures while :

walking, sitting, sleeping, watching tv, working on your desktop, working on your laptop, texting on your phone, sitting on your bed, lifting heavy materials, so on and so forth.

Try to follow these images and correct yourself throughout the day!

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