Day 3 : Do Something Nice For Someone Else!

Welcome to Day 3! Yesterday was about you! Today, you get to do something for someone else! It can be anything you like for whomsoever you like and it can even be a few things for a few people but don't over complicate it and bite off more than you can chew! It is better to do one or two things and do them really well than to try and do to much but just do them half way!

Some Ideas for you :

  • Bake A Cake for Someone You Love

  • Go And Read To Someone At An Old Age Home

  • Visit A Dog Shelter or Feed some Street Dogs and Spend Time With Them, They need Love!

  • Visit An Orphanage And Take Them Small Gifts, They Don't Need To Cost Much!

  • Cook Up A Feast For Your Closest Friends or Family!

  • Write Meaningful Messages For People You Love & Brighten Their Day!

  • Help Someone With A Task or Chore They Have Been Meaning To Do For Some Time!

  • Help Your Mom or Partner With House Work & Give Them The Day Off!

  • Give A Foot Massage to Someone At Home

  • Buy Someone A Nice Book! There's Nothing Like A Good Read

You can of course come up with your own ideas but these are just a few suggestions!

Your Learnings from todays challenge :

  • Learning To Give

  • Learning To Share

  • Learning To Be Selfless

  • Learning To be Kind

  • Learning To Spend Time With Loved Ones

I hope this challenge truly makes someones day & leaves you feeling Happy & Fulfilled!

- Ritika x

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