Day 1 : Decluttering Your Wardrobe

Welcome to your first challenge. This one is can be a task for many if you look at it from a point of view as something daunting OR it can be a huge sight of relief. You will find that once you de-clutter your wardrobe (amongst other things) you will find that your mind is also clutter free! a de-cluttered space makes for a de-cluttered mind & so I chose this as the challenge for Day 1 so that we can set the right tone for the days to come. Also did i mention how activities like this can help you learn to start letting go? Read on!

Here are a few Tips to help you along the way, have a good read before you begin :

1. Make Everything Visible To You

Get rid of everything you do not use - literally go through everything you own and only keep what you really need or really love. Everything else needs to GO, so that you can make visible whats been forgotten for all these months! (how many times have you realised that you have not seen certain clothes for a long time because they've actually been hiding behind a big pile of mess?) Also, please get rid off those items that are torn, faded, hard to iron, I mean, why are we holding onto them exactly?

2. Store Party Wear Separately

Keep your special occasion wear stored away in a box or several thin boxes & label them so you can find them easily. These outfits take up a lot of space so this is always a good idea. You can keep these boxes in a different room or in storage space, not in your wardrobe!

3. Create A Holiday Box

If you live in a warm place - pack away your winter wear that you have for those cooler months and cold winter getaways & if you live in a cool place then pack a summer box for that island vacay you may be planning! This saves you a lot of wardrobe space & a whole lotta time when its time to pack for the holidays. Efficient right?

4. Make Use Of Vertical Space

Dont pile stuff up on a shelf while leaving a whole lot of vertical space empty, use that space to hang long coats, trousers, scarves, bags even!

5. Protect Your Clothes

Once all your clothes are out on your bed or floor or wherever you've piled them up onto, clean that cupboard out, the whole thing - drawers, shelves, everything. Use some organic cleaning products & throw in some drops of essential oil for long lasting effects - cedar-wood, lemon, tea-tree are good options. Invest in some sleek hangers which will not make things bulky.

Now, put your clothes back, organising them in a manner that works for you. Create a system where removing something becomes easy and accessible. Keep work wear, lounge wear and gym wear in different piles or colour code it, whatever floats your boat as long as there is no clutter & you don't go back into that space!

Get going, take your time, play some music & enjoy the process. You are going to feel so good once this is done!

Lastly, find a cause that means something to you, wrap up whatever you have decided to give away & make sure you give it to people who will have genuine use for it & who will be happy to receive this stuff <3

Your Key Learnings here are :

  • Letting Go

  • Not Hoarding Unnecessarily

  • Breaking the Attachment From Material Things

  • De-Cluttering your Space will De-Clutter Your Life

  • Helping Those In Need

Hope this has been great for you!

- Ritika x

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