My Detox Day with Roots

About two weeks back I did a one day Cleanse with Roots and ever since I’ve been dying to share the experience with all of you.

The only reason I haven’t done such a Cleanse before (except for a day a month back where I survived all day on just orange juice) is because I find it too tedious to do my research on what to have or what not to and then the toughest part of course is preparing for it. But Ritika (the leading lady behind Roots) made this cleanse routine fall right into my lap. Roots is a Pune based Venture started by Ritika Mahtani. The philosophy behind Roots is simple- Everything that’s good for your body comes from nature, the natural source; hence roots. It’s about taking you back to the roots and nourishing the soul.So I received Five fresh Juices/ Smoothies along with the Cacao cakes and a pack of Energy Bites from Roots & I shall take you through my Cleanse day and how the detox worked. Because turns out I was 1Kg lighter after.

9:00 AM– my usual wake up drink: Hot water and lime juice and then a few peeled almonds.

11:00 AM – juice number one was with tropical fruits & baby spinach with spirulina.

1:00 PM– the Roots watermelon mint chia flusher.

2:00 PM – I decided to eat something solid like half an apple and half a mango!

3:00 PM – the Roots papaya-citrus smoothie with flaxseeds.

5:00 PM – an evening cleaner was the ginger herb flusher.

7:00 PM – post work I had the kiwi banana & spinach smoothie.

Honestly by this time I was hungry despite the intake of juices every two hours. So I decided to have one of the Cacao cakes. It was yummy and chocolate-y and infact it was quite like having a dark chocolate cake (since it wasn’t sweet a such), I did get a little hint of banana in it.

The Cacao Cakes are vegan, flourless and sugar free.

Article written by Aleena Mackar (@thestylechair)

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