Testimonials From My Clients 

Vedika Padia 

I When I heard about this 7 day detox I wasn’t sure if I’ll be able to do it but I still went ahead with it. 
To my surprise I managed to do the 7 day programme that Ritika had designed. It made me feel so much lighter &  energetic. The recipes shared were delicious & it didn’t even feel like a ‘detox’ By the end of the 7 days I lost 4 kgs making me feel confident to continue to persevere to lose more weight. Thank you so much Ritika it was a detox that made me a more confident person and my skin was glowing.

Namratha Chalasani

Working with Ritika has given me so much more freedom and genuinely made me happier with her recipes. The programme has completely changed my attitude towards food and eating . Ritika has not only given me recipes and advise about food, but also strategies for managing stress and anxiety with her motivation towards the client ! I’m so glad I met her and did this programme !Thank you Ritika for bringing all theses positive changes to my life !

Amira Pansare

I did Ritika’s 7 day detox & what a great decision it’s been. Mindless eating during the lockdown made me feel really guilty & unhealthy. The detox was the perfect way to  start eating & feeling right and it did just that. I even lost 3kgs! Love how it made me feel so light & energised! Totally recommend this to everyone’s who’s looking to start eating healthy but don’t know how & where to start! After the detox Ritika customised a diet plan for me & it’s the best diet plan I could have ever asked for! I love how she’s included rice and Roti in it & I love all the recipes she’s given! It makes being healthy not so difficult! 

Sheetal Mehta

I did the 21 Day challenge after feeling like I seriously had to get my life in Order, This was by far the best thing I have ever done for myself. I mean it took care of what I ate, how mindful i was, small actions that made me a better person. My emotions were in check, my physical activity was at an all time high & those daily challenges ensured that I gave long time overdue attention to every aspect of my life. These 21 days are truly life changing & I highly recommend it to anyone looking  to begin eating clean, exercising, practicing good habits, shifting their mindset  & taking their Power back!  Blown away by the structure of this plan! thank you Ritika.

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