Who Am I ?

My Name is Ritika Mahtani & I am a Nutritional Therapist.

Over the years I've understood & adopted a holistic approach to health & lifestyle, becoming fully aware that it is the only way forward. I absolutely do NOT believe in FAD diets, extremes, complete restrictions & borings plans that leave you feeling unhappy, bored & demotivated.

If you are here & you are reading it that means that you are ready to take charge of your life, and thats half the battle won! Now, it's all about getting into the right mindset so that you can adopt a cleaner, healthier, happier lifestyle.

That includes : What you eat | How you move | How you feel! 

Here, there is something for everyone, to help you get started on your journey towards good health. Scroll Down for our two most popular Health & Wellness plans. For customised one to one consultations please get in touch on : rootsbyritika@gmail.com


7 Day Detox

A 7 day Reboot for your Body, Your Mind & Your Emotional Stability. The Best way to rid yourself of toxins & drop some pounds while you're at it. The Plan comes with Simple Meal Recipes, Detox Tea recipes, Tips to keep you going, & One Guided Meditation.


21 Day Plan

For those who are in for more of a lifestyle overhaul. Best when done post the 7 day Detox.

21 days of : Eating Clean, Breaking Bad Cycles, Adopting Good Habits, Shifting Your Mindset, Learning Hacks for Life, One on One Follow Ups, 100% Accountability.

The 7 Day Detox 

This is the reset button you've been waiting to hit but have been procrastinating for way too long now! This is a 7 day intensive plan to detox your body completely, cleansing from within & helping you drop anything from 3-4kg if done right & with discipline. It literally resets your body, helping rid oneself of all the accumulated toxins which have been piling up over the months and years. A detox like this also helps prepare your system for any other diet to follow thus giving you the stepping stone you need for a full on lifestyle change or at least the beginning of it.

A 7 day meal schedule will be given to you, this includes 11 wholesome & nourishing recipes, snack ideas, smoothie recipes, etc. The recipes are 100% plant based to work on your body, mind & soul. 

The plan also includes the recipe for a secret immunity boosting tea which we honestly should all be making part of our daily routine for the rest of our lives given the times that we now live in and a daily detox tea which helps shed weight while quickly removing toxins from the body. 

The plan is complete with an audio file for a wonderful 15 minute Body Scan guided meditation, not only will this allow you to begin your day with good energy and end your day with a sense of calm but it will also bring a sense of awareness to your body and yourself so that you can be in touch with your body throughout this cleanse and watch out for the signs your body gives you You will notice changes, symptoms, perhaps certain discomforts or relief that you may find and all that will come when you are in a sense of awareness. 

This plan is suitable for anybody & everybody looking to :

  • Drop 3-4 Kgs

  • Reduce Bloat

  • Relieve Constipation

  • Detox The Body

  • Begin a New Diet/Lifestyle

  • Take a Break from a Hectic Schedule

  • Adopt Cleaner Eating habits

  • Feel Lighter

  • Clear Skin & Make It Glow

This Plan is Not Suitable For:

  • Pregnant Women

  • Breastfeeding Women

  • Anybody Who is Diabetic

  • Anybody Who is Severely Anaemic

The plan is priced at Rs.2700/- 

You will receive the Plan Via Email once you have made the payment & we have received your details.

The 21 Day Lifestyle Overhaul

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, they are not wrong. Can you imagine 21 days where you are literally correcting every single aspect of your life but in subtle fun ways that don't really feel like a task AND will lead you to the best version of yourself? Welcome to the 21 day Lifestyle Overhaul! That is really all it is. 

The 21 day plan is all about providing you with all the guidance you need to lead a life full of holistic wellness. Everything from how you begin your day, to what you first put into your mouth, to that first meal and the meals to follow. We dig deep into what typical meals should look and feel like, what kind of natural tonics you can consume, natural self care tips & positive daily practices along with life hacks you will find yourself coming back to for months and hopefully years to follow once you feel the results. This plan is about attempting to make every hour of your day fruitful while ensuring that your sleep is equally peaceful & undisturbed. 

Over these 3 weeks your prime focus areas will be :

Eating Completely Clean (Recipe Ideas & Structured Guidance Given By Me)

One Daily Challenge To Take Care Of Your Mental, Physical & Emotional Needs

Incorporation Of Meaningful Practices That Will Positively Impact Your Life

Life Hacks Which You Will Be Able To Refer Back To Forever

Daily Home Work Outs 

Daily Follow Up & Problem Solving

Self Care & Self Love Practices 

Mindset Shifting

This plan is suitable for anybody & everybody looking to :

  • Make A Change but Dont Know Where To Begin

  • Get Healthier & Feel Better 

  • Get Fitter, More Flexible & Boost Metabolism

  • Burn Fat & Lose Weight

  • Bring Awareness Into Their Life & Be More Mindful

  • Incorporate Good Routines & Habits

  • Incorporate Life Long Practices

This Plan is Not Suitable For:

  • Anybody Who Lacks Discipline! GOT YOU! We ALL have What it Takes, You Can Do This!

The plan is priced at Rs.7,900/- 

You will receive the Plan Via Email once you have made the payment & we have received your details.

For Customised Plans Lets Talk :

rootsbyritika@gmail.com  /  Tel. +919860718287

         Mon - Fri | 11:00am - 5:00pm

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